World Bank Says Make Africa Top Priority for Agribusiness

African AgricultureAccording to a World Bank report of March, 2013, African farmers, and the agribusiness sector as a whole, could build a giant food market business valued at over a trillion dollars by 2030 if the right factors line up. Those factors would include more capital investments, more reliable and improved electric supply, more advance technology, and irrigated land.

This goal is achievable, but it will take the cooperation of governments and business leaders in the sub-Saharan continent. These leaders must make agribusiness and agriculture in general a top priority for development and business.

The UN agency to eradicate poverty throughout the world, the International Fund for Agricultural Development, suggested such innovations and investments in agribusiness and agriculture in 2011.

And now, according to Makhtar Diop, the World Bank’s vice-president for the African region, “the time has come for making African agriculture and agribusiness a catalyst for ending poverty.”

“Transforming agriculture in Africa is not simply about helping Africa; it is essential for ensuring global food security,” contends the World Bank.

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