Woolworths Agricultural Business Scholarship Helping Maintain Healthy Agribusiness Industry in Australia

Australia and New Zealand have established an innovative program which will hopefully help to increase the number people interested in making agriculture their career choice. The program is the yearly Woolworths Agricultural Business Scholarship. Participants in the program have a chance to experience working in the entire supply chain from the farmer to the customer, plus they gain knowledge from an insider’s perspective into the largest supermarket chain in Australia.

The program is valued at approximately $150,000 per participant, but is free to all participants. During the course of the program students will also hear presentations from the National Farmers Federation, Deloitte Elders, and the Royal Agricultural Society of New South Wales.

This year’s class is made up of students from every state in Australia and New Zealand. Both men and woman are included in the class, all of whom are under the age of 35. Many are not newcomers to agribusiness, with agribusiness managers, bankers, farmers and agronomists participating.

Ziggy Kwarcinski, fresh food general manager for Woolworths explained that the program’s main aim is to keep young people in the fold of the agriculture business by making agriculture a viable and interesting career choice in rural and regional Australia.

“The average age of the Aussie farmer is now more than 52 years. We have created this scholarship program to help attract and retain younger people in agriculture to help future-proof the industry,” he said. “I welcome this year’s class of 2013 and look forward to the contribution they will make in years to come,” Mr. Kwarcinski added.

Since its inception seven years ago over 150 young people have completed the program, many of whom are on their way to becoming the future leaders of Australian agribusiness.

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