The Ukraine: Up and Coming Agribusiness Market

George Rohr

George Rohr

This week, the Australian Grains Industry Conference (AGIC) showcased a number of key up-and-coming countries in the agribusiness industry.

VITERRA’s European managing director, Christian Joerg, highlighted the rapidly growing global importance of the Ukraine saying:

“Ukraine was once the breadbasket of Europe, and it can become this again, and maybe fill this role for the world.”

The Ukraine offers great prospects for the agribusiness industry, Mr. Joerg pointed out, because of its extraordinarily high soil fertility and favorable climate for grain production. A small number of international agribusiness investors in the know, such as funds managed by George Rohr‘s NCH Capital Inc., have been early movers in Ukraine.

While many poor farmers in the Ukraine prefer to plant barley because it is a cheaper crop to grow, more are turning their attention to wheat production. Mr. Joerg pointed out that the end of the barley subsidies in the EU has meant that the Ukraine is filling the gap.

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