Tunisia Hosts Olive Oil Fair

Tunisia, the second largest olive oil producer in the world, will hold their third annual “Med Mag Olivia 2015” in Sousse, Tunisia, from June 11 to June 14.
The fair will take place at the Sousse International Center, and will focus on trade promotion, new technologies, and promotion of partnerships between producers of the beloved oil.

This year’s theme is “Science and Technology at the Service of Olive Growth.” The fair will feature a taste contest betrween exhibitors, symposia, workshops and other events all dedicated to organoleptic examinations, tastings, quality guarantees, and certification.

The amount of olives harvested this year in Tunisia hit an all-time high, coming out four times greater than last year’s production. The total of 300,000 tons makes Tunisia the second larges olive oil producer in the world. Only Spain produces more.

Most of Tunisia’s olive oil is exported- up to 70 percent, to EU countries, mostly to Spain and Italy. Tunisian olive oil is also exported to the Americas, Canada, France, Russia and China. Olive oil exports make up about 40 percent of the country’s agricultural product and close to 10 percnet of the country’s total amount of export.

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