Rappahannnock Electric Coop Wins Agribusiness Award

Fredericksburg, Virginia company Rappahannock Electrical Cooperative was recognized with the 2017 Agribusiness of the Year Award. The Virginia Agribusiness Council bestows this award on companies that contribute substantially to the agribusiness.

The VAC is a non-profit organization which is based in Richmond, Virginia. It supports the needs of agriculture and forestry in the state. Each year the council awards on of its members this coveted honor.

Rappahonnock Electric Cooperative maintains and operates over 16,000 miles of power lines all the way from the Blue Ridge Mountains in the west to the Chesapeake Bay in the east. Their extensive service covers 22 counties in the Commonwealth, serving over 164,000 connections, providing their customers with electricity.

“REC began in 1935 as Farmers Rural Utilities, so the roots of our relationship with the agribusiness community are deep,” Matt Faulconer, the manager of external affairs for REC and a Virginia Agribusiness Council Board member, said. “While humbled by this recognition, we proudly support the men and women who literally grow Virginia’s economy.”

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