Goat Meat Gaining Popularity in the USA

This is a classic and delicious Moroccan dish, called a Tajine, made out of goat meat and quinces. The sweet-salty mix, along with the herbs and local spices give this dish its delicious personality. Picture courtesy of Magda Baidan.

According to a study conducted at the University of Missouri extension, American consumers of meat are beginning to purchase goat meat in addition to the standard animal protein stables of beef, pork and poultry.

Goat meat is purported to be a healthier choice than the usual animal proteins eaten in the US, and is enjoyed by 75 percent of the rest of the world on a regular basis. Goat meat is less fatty than beef per gram of protein, and has less saturated fat than chicken. Goat meat is also loaded with iron, more per serving than beef, chicken, pork or lamb.

“Consuming goat meat hasn’t been part of our culture, but its popularity is rising as people search for healthy, lean, hormone-free sources of protein,” said Lindsey Stevenson, nutrition and health specialist for University of Missouri Extension.

Goats raised in the US must adhere to strict USDA regulations and inspections. Production practices must be hormone-free and antibiotics can only be used within federal guidelines.

“Look for goat meat sold at traditional grocers or specialty markets. Goat meat can also be ordered online,” added Stevenson.

Want to get started trying goat meat? Stevenson suggested an easy recipe here.

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