Women in Agribusiness Summit Scheduled for September 26-28, 2017

Women in agribusiness want to change the world. At the 6th annual Women in Agribusiness Summit, to be held in Minneapolis, Minnesota at the Hyatt Regency, women will discuss how science and technology will address the most pressing issues of our times, including hunger, sustainability and climate change.

The summit will feature Jack Bobo, senior vice president and chief communications officer at Intrexon, who will speak about the role technology, media and public perception will determine the condition of the world in the next 30 years or more.

The 600 women who will be participating will hear about global trends in food and agriculture. Discussions will also consider the relationship between food safety and the public’s perception of risk, and how companies create trust.

Shannon Hauf will discuss the new gene manipulation technology known as CRISPR, which has the potential to create a revolution in food industry. Hauf will relate to the new technology’s possible impact on agriculture, new regulations and legislation, and will predict where she believes this tool will take us in the future.

The summit will facilitate women to share best practices and strategies during three days of presentations by experts, with ten hours of networking with innovators and rising stars, with an emphasis on the sharing of information.

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