Pope Addresses Effect of Technology on Biodiversity

 Pope Francis. Photo by Casa Rosada.

Pope Francis. Photo by Casa Rosada.

Warning that mankind cant always know the ultimate effects of technology on the environment, Pope Francis spoke with members of the International Catholic Rural Association.
The Pope said that technology in the sphere of agriculture is “the best response possible to poverty and food shortages,” nevertheless he cautioned that there are certain “models of agribusiness” which could “eliminate the variety and the richness of biodiversity.”

The speech was held on December 10, at the Apostolic Palace.

Although technology can be used for great benefit to mankind, he still felt that in some cases society has taken “a rash recourse to technology.” He continued to warn that “we do not know its effects on human health; when we encounter so many ‘rare diseases’ and don’t know where they come from, we have to wonder.”

The Pope also said:

Looking at rural life today, we see the primacy of the market, which determines actions and decisions. Making money, above all else! Even at the expense of sacrificing the rhythms of agricultural life, with its times of work and leisure, its weekly rest and its concern for the family … Solidarity itself, frequently invoked as a remedy, is insufficient unless it is accompanied by justice in the allotment of land, in agricultural salaries and in access to markets.

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