Logan Schoon Honored by Minnesota FFA Association

Logan Schoon, a Menahga FFA member, was recognized by the Minnesota FFA Association as the 2017 Star in AgriBusiness, one of the association’s highest honors.

Schoon has been working as a construction foreman for Kevin Kocurek as his supervised agricultural experience (SAE). At the moment, he is working on a multi-million-dollar project, and has been involved in his SAE for more than a year and a half. While working Schoon has acquired many skills, including carpentry, electrical, roofing and installing rafters.

“Since day one of working on the house, pouring the footings, I have taken great pride in my work,” said Schoon. “This job has taught me many things. The biggest accomplishment is looking at the work I have done and seeing how the hard work has paid off.”

Schoon explained that his SEA has helped him make the decision to study heavy equipment operation and maintenance at his school of choice, Central Lakes College in Staples, Minnesota.

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