Midwestern State of Texas Adding Ag to Their Business Curriculum

The Hardin Administration Building on the campus of Midwestern State University in Wichita Falls, Texas (United States). Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

Texas’ Midwestern State University announced at the end of January the addition of an agriculture division to their business curriculum, beginning in the fall of 2018.

Agriculture will be a subject of concentration for students to choose when taking economics as their major course of study. The school believes this new option will be attractive to students who come from the area, where there is a large amount of agricultural business.

“We believe that tying the concentration for agribusiness to the community will yield many benefits to all. This area is particularly rich in farming and ranching knowledge because of the farmers, ranchers, and their families who have been here for many generations,” said Dr. Robert Forrester, Dillard Distinguished Professor of Finance.

The new division is supported with funding from Carol Dillard, a rancher from the area who wishes to see her vision to educate future ranchers and farmers implemented successfully.

“The Dillard family’s generosity and support through the years has made the single biggest difference in our ability to enhance preparation for careers in business in this region,” said MSU President Suzanne Shipley.

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