Kemin Industries to Expand in Des Moines

Kemin Industries, a maker of nutritional ingredients sold globally, is negotiating a deal to buy about 24 acres of industrial land owned by the city of Des Moines, Iowa. The company wants to

Aerials of Des Moines, Iowa from 10,000 feet May 6, 2017. USDA photo by Preston Keres.

enlarge its international nutritional ingredient business in the Agrimergent Technology Park on the southeast part of the city. Kemin has its corporate headquarters situated in the tech park, as well as its advanced molecular research center.

The company just opened a new expansion, a corporate office with 94,000 square feet of space, including labs and a fitness center. The new space cost $30 million and opened this past August.

What Kemin will do with its new land purchase has not been announced. The company stated that it “anticipates the area containing a mix of manufacturing and warehouse functions.”

“It’s very positive. This area has been sitting undeveloped for a long time,” said Terrance Vorbrich, a city of Des Moines economic development coordinator.

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