Sustainability Model Finding Favor with Aussie Bank

Murray Grey cows and calves, Walcha, NSW; photo by Cgoodwin

Murray Grey cows and calves, Walcha, NSW; photo by Cgoodwin

The National Australia Bank has announced that it will continue to recognize and favor agribusiness entities that incorporate more sustainability practices into their business model. Calling the sustainability element of business evaluation “natural value,” a recent survey by the NAB found that a majority of their farming and grazing customers had made changes to their businesses due to the value of natural resource sustainability.

General Manager of NAB, Khan Horne, said that there is no one that understands belter than Australian farmers that a healthy environment goes hand in hand with a healthy business.

The survey showed that farmers growing fruit and vegetables most often (88 percent) made changes to their business due to concerns about sustainability. About 66 percent managed water usage in a more sustainable way; soil health was a concern in 52 percent of the farms; reducing energy cost occurred 49 percent of the time; minimizing runoff in 36 percent of the businesses; and improved waste management in 32 percent of the businesses.

Mr. Horne said that NAB is leading the way in encouraging farmers to incorporate best practice management into their businesses, paving the way for more sustainable agribusiness in Australia.

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