South Carolina Farm Leaders Praise State’s Agribusiness

David Winkles, President of South Carolina Farm Bureau

David Winkles, President of South Carolina Farm Bureau

Three leaders from the South Carolina farming community are speaking out publicly about the competitive nature of the agribusiness in their home state. South Carolina Farm Bureau Federation President David Winkles; South Carolina Commissioner of Agriculture Hugh Weathers; and the new chief of the South Carolina Farm Service Agency Harry Ott, joined together to elaborate on the excellent state of agriculture in South Carolina.

They chose the day after Independence Day to discuss the fact that the combined rank of South Carolina’s counties is either at the top or in the top ten of many major agricultural categories. They rank high in cash receipts for crop and livestock, to the size of herds of cows and flocks of chickens, to the production of corn, cotton, peanuts and soybeans.

Winkles will be discussing “The State of Agriculture in South Carolina” at the South Carolina Farmers Market as the veteran leader of the state’s biggest agricultural advocacy group.

“I know how important these farm programs are and how important they are to the state and to the country,” Ott said in announcing his plans to leave the General Assembly and accept the role as FSA executive director. “I will continue to be a strong voice for agriculture.”

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