Oklahoma to Allow Humane Slaughter of Horses

Governor Mary Fallin of Oklahoma

Governor Mary Fallin of Oklahoma

Governor Mary Fallin of Oklahoma signed into law a new bill which will allow the humane slaughter of horses in the state. The bill however does not make legal the sale of horse-meat for human consumption.

The Oklahoma Meat Inspection Act was sponsored by state lawmakers Representative Skye McNeil and Senator Eddie Fields, and passed by a margin of 82-14 in the House and 32-14 in the Senate. The bill, which will go into effect on November 1, 2013, brings Oklahoma in line with the other 46 states that already allow horse slaughter.

The institution of the law could be short-lived, however, as there is federal legislation pending which will prohibit horse slaughter all together. No states in the country have processed horse meat since the federal government took action in 2007 to prohibit it.

Those in support of the bill claim that the bill has the best interests of the animals in mind. Without the law allowing horse slaughter, they say, horses would instead be abused, neglected, starved or even sent to Canada and/or Mexico to be slaughtered inhumanely in a plant which is not subject to government restrictions requiring humane slaughtering methods.

Governor Fallin said,

“Those of us who care about the well-being of horses — and we all should — cannot be satisfied with a status quo that encourages abuse and neglect, or that rewards the potentially inhumane slaughter of animals in foreign countries.”

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