Nuclear Technology Improving Indian Agribusiness

Nuclear Technology Contributes to New Varieties of Food

Nuclear Technology Contributes to New Varieties of Food

Sanjay J Jambhulkar, a senior scientist from the Bhabha Atomic Research Center (BARC) in Mumbai said that nuclear technology is making a great contribution to agribusiness in India.

Explaining that BARC has two departments under the heading of food technology: nuclear agriculture and bio technology; Jambhulkar said that the new technology, called mutation breeding, is playing a crucial role in the development of new types of oils, seeds and pulses.

Until today BARC has developed 41 new varieties of pulses and oil seeds. All these new varieties have proven to be safe for the public, with no-known side-effects.

After BARC develops the new variety it is given to the state agriculture universities or to the Indian Council of Agriculture Research, added Jambhulkar. The universities and the ICAR spend three years testing the new seed, oil or pulse, and when it is proven to be safe it is then released to the public for consumption.

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