Montana Agriculture Needs New Ports to Continue Growing

Montana would like to see more ports built in Washington and Oregon

Montana’s agriculture sector is doing better than ever. In 2012 there was record revenue from exports of high-value grain amounting to $2.48 billion. Montana’s commodities are in demand around the world, contributing to economic growth, job creation and increased tax revenues.

But Montana’s growth has a serious limiting factor: Ports from which they can export their goods.  In order to get the goods to the buyers in the emerging markets around the world, producers in Montana need access to port facilities from which their goods can travel to the quickly growing international markets.

West Coast ports are operating at capacity. The most likely solution is to either expand the capacity of existing ports, to build new ones, or both. Unfortunately the few proposals to expand existing ports have come under attack from radical environmental activist groups that would like to end coal mining in Montana.

The Montana Farm Bureau is in favor of the building of new ports in Washington and Oregon so that Montana producers will have more reliable access to the quickly growing emerging markets around the world.

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