Lisa Johnson Appointed as Interim Director of Agribusiness Division of the Wyoming Business Council

In the wake of the resignation of Director Cindy Garretson-Weibel of the Agribusiness Division of the Wyoming Business Council, the CEO of the Council has appointed an interim director, Lisa Johnson.

Garretson-Wiebel resigned from the position as of October 9, 2015. She left so she could dedicate herself to launching her own small business. Starting on October 12 Johnson will take over as interim Agribusiness Division director. She was previously the Regional Director of the Southesat Region of the Business Council.

Johnson was appointed to her new position by Shawn Reese, the CEO of the Wyoming Business Council.

“Lisa comes to this position with a strong agricultural background. She has worked closely with producers and is one herself,” Reese said. “She has helped develop rural agricultural economies for much of her professional life.”

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