Hawaii Governor Nominates Five for Two State Boards

Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie

Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie

Governor Neil Abercrombie of Hawaii named Lloyd Haraguchi to serve on the Agribusiness Development Corporation. The group is a state-run board with the task of creating diversity in Hawaii’s agriculture industry. Haraguchi was the head of the Public Land Development Corporation, which no longer exists.

Four other people were nominated to fill empty positions on other state boards. The vacancies were a result of board members who quit due to a new financial disclosure law. Others also nominated by the governor to sit on the ADC are, Denise Albano, the president of an NGO which works on the elimination of hunger and poverty; retired Hawaii County economic development specialist Margarita Hopkins; and former ADC member who now is on the Honolulu Agriculture Development Task Force, Yukio Kitagawa.

In addition Denise Antolini, a faculty member of the University of Hawaii law school who also was a director of the Environmental Law Program, was nominated to sit on the Commission on Water Resource Management.
The Hawaiian senate will have to approve of the five nominations before the nominees can take their places on the two boards.

“Each appointee is well respected in their fields,” Abercrombie said in a news release. “Their knowledge and experience will be invaluable in moving these boards and commissions forward.”

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