Good Egg Award Goes to Natural Grocers

In 2007 Compassion in World Farming created the “Good Egg Award” to recognize companies that are ready to use, or commit to use within five years, eggs and egg products entirely derived from free-range chickens.

Eggs laid by free-range chickens, who found a convenient place under a tree. (At a family organic farm in Bruthen, Victoria) Photo courtesy of Vmenkov.

The organization hosted their Good Farm Animal Awards Ceremony in London, awarding to Natural Grocers the award that recognizes and honors the company’s innovative supply chain of 100% Free-Range Eggs. They are the first major US grocery chain that exclusively carries free-range eggs.

Natural Grocers has been supporting the improvement of animal welfare guidelines. In the case of cage-free eggs, the company went beyond the accepted standards in 2016 when they began their 100% Free-Range egg supply chain. This approach assures consumers that only non-cage eggs are sold at Natural Grocers, and that the price is the same, or even lower, with the new higher standard.

“There is a momentous shift happening in the US and beyond towards cage-free and free-range egg production. We are thrilled to be awarding Natural Grocers for being at the forefront of that shift,” said Rachel Dreskin, US Head of Food Business at Compassion in World Farming. “We would like to congratulate Natural Grocers for the huge difference they are making to the lives of laying hens in their supply chain. As hundreds of other food businesses move in the same direction their commitment to animal welfare will serve as an excellent example.”

“We are proud to have our industry-leading 100% Free-Range egg standard recognized by Compassion in World Farming,” said Heather Isely, Executive Vice President at Natural Grocers. “We hope to inspire other companies around the world to follow our example and to realize that it is possible to offer the highest quality standards at affordable prices. We are here to show that a just, sustainable and equitable food system is possible.”

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