“Flavor of Georgia” Food Contest Open for Registration

Flavor of GeorgiaSince 2005 the Center of Agribusiness and Economic Development in Georgia has sponsored a contest to celebrate the creativity and food craftsmanship of Georgian businesses.  Sponsored in conjunction with the University of Georgia for Agribusiness, and founded by Dr. Kent Wolfe from the CAED, the contest was first only promoted through the food industry to improve publicity and exposure for food businesses.  In 2007 the contest was enlarged to accommodate admissions from anyone from the entire state of Georgia.

“Flavor of Georgia is a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs to gain publicity and exposure for their products. It’s also a chance for them to network with other food entrepreneurs and industry experts,” said Sharon P. Kate, a UGA food business development specialist and coordinator of the contest.

According to Kate the contest definitely has the sought-after results. Over 90 percent of the finalists in the 2014 Flavor of Georgia contest say that have seen more interest in their products after the contests.  Other businesses have seen improved sales, profits, publicity and web-traffic. Others state they have increased their number of full and part-time employees.

Registration for the 2015 Flavor of Georgia contest is now through January 30, 2015. Acceptable entries can include products that are commercially available and have already been sold; and never before distributed market-ready prototypes. Products can be entered within the following categories: barbecue sauces, beverages, confections, dairy products, jams and jellies, marinades and sauces, meat and seafood, salsas, chutneys ( thick sauces of Indian origin that are made from fruits, vinegar, sugar and spices) and condiments, snack foods and miscellaneous products. There is no limit to the number of products that any individual can submit.

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