FinGAP Launched to Help Alleviate Poverty in Ghana

FinGAP Launched to Help the People of Ghana

FinGAP Launched to Help the People of Ghana

The five-year, $22 million USAID-Financing Ghanaian Agriculture Project was launched in Accra, Ghana’s capital city.
This agri-business initiative will work to attract finance options for rice, maize and soy value chains throughout the northern part of Ghana. FinGAP will also use their mandate to locate and develop agri-business opportunities while also facilitating investments from a variety of financial institutions through the utilization of business advisory service firms.

Mr. Jim Bever, the director of USAID Mission said that FinGAP’s goal was to bring commercial investments into agriculture. The aim is not just to improve food security in high-risk areas, but to also diminish poverty. Not only will farmers benefit from FinGAP, but Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) involved in agri-business.

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