Eastern Ohio Launching Agri Bachelor’s Program

Commonly-displayed artist's rendering of the 1996 Great Seal of Ohio.

Commonly-displayed artist’s rendering of the 1996 Great Seal of Ohio.

Until now residents of the eastern part of Ohio could not pursue a career in agriculture if they wanted to attend school close to home. Their only options for degree programs were in schools like Wilmington College and ATI at Ohio State.

The situation will be remedied this coming fall when students will be able to enroll in an agriculture program at Kent State University Tuscarawas offering a bachelor’s degree.

The senior business manager at KSU Tuscarawas, Waliah Poto, said that the university will be the single school in the entire eastern region of Ohio to offer the discipline of agribusiness. Ohio has a two year technical school in Wooster, the Agricultural Technical Institute of OSU.

“People who are time-bound and place-bound can’t leave the area to attend OSU,” Poto said. “Now we are in their own backyard.”

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