Clemson University Expanding Agribusiness Programs

Clemson University-photo by blahedo

Clemson University-photo by blahedo

At the end of December Clemson University President James P. Clements announced that the university is making plans to continue and strengthen programs that support new and ongoing agribusiness enterprises in South Carolina.

In a statement released by the university President Clements stated:

“South Carolina’s growing network of agribusiness companies and suppliers is increasing the demand for top talent. Clemson is responding to that need with new and strengthened degree offerings, continuing education, workshops, online information resources and certification programs.”

In addition to helping startups and existing agribusiness, Clemson University will also enlarge their research programs which are designed to maximize farm profits while simultaneously minimizing the negative impact of those farms on the environment.  The university has a new agribusiness program that combines crop development with marketing and financial proficiency. Clemson also intends to hire more extension agents and agricultural research scientists.

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