Australian Farmer Uses Corporate Style Management to Run Family Business

Brendon Smart Agribusiness Innovator

Brendon Smart lives up to the expectations inherent in his name. Smart has taken his farm and has cleverly turned it into a corporation, or at least he runs it like one. With four areas under his auspices totaling an area of 5000ha in eastern South Australia, Smart has taken cropping and raising livestock to an all new level.

He has developed computer software to help run the farm and established a corporate-like board to guide the farm. Smart incorporates human resource management to maximize staff efficiency and he has even undertaken succession planning. These innovations, which are standard for big business but not for farm business, have helped to make Smart’s operation a true force in the industry.

As a result of Smart’s success he has become a sought-after speaker on the agribusiness public speaking circuit over the past 20 years. He even commands the fee of a professional speaker.

"I don't make money out of talking to farmers. It's not a fee I'll retire on," the 63-year-old Smart quipped.

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