AgriBusiness Congress Showcases Zambian Potential for Growth

Zambia might not be on the top of your list of countries where agribusiness is growing, but if you had been at the recent ArgiBusiness Congress held in Lusaka from September 5 through 6, you would have seen that Zambia is putting great effort into promoting their agriculture sector.

On hand for the conference were some of Zambia’s leading political and business leaders, including, Vice President Dr. Guy Scott, Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Livestock Mr. Luxon Kazabu and others.

Two hundred delegates participated, hailing from eleven countries, at the first event of its kind held in Zambia. Representatives of many leading industry players, such as the Zambian National Farmers Union, AgriBusiness Forum, Agricultural Consultative Forum and ACTESA (Alliance for Commodity Trade in Eastern and Southern Africa) were also there, lending support.

The potential for the agricultural sector in Zambia to grow is enormous. There are over 200 million people in the region, and the countryside is endowed with abundant land and excellent water resources, according to the director of the AgriBusiness Congress Claire O’Connell. She says,

“Zambia is the only country land-linked to eight southern African countries, which provide immense potential for accessing regional markets for agricultural commodities.  The Zambian economy has also shown remarkable resilience to the global economic downturn, and the policies being put in place by the recently elected new government promise to add value to the agricultural industry and increase investment.”

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