CSU Creates Index of US Agri-Friendly States

FarmlandFor those who would like to know which US states are the friendliest towards agribusiness, all they have to do is consult the Colorado State University Study which rates states according to their dealings with agribusiness.

The Agribusiness Friendliness Index was developed by CSU professors Greg Perry and James Pritchett. It focuses on each state’s economic climate towards agriculture and takes into consideration local and state government policies, geography, climate and other factors. Altogether 38 variables are assessed to rank the states in the index.

Perry and Pritchett say this is the first time a study like this has been done specifically for the agriculture sector.

“The Agribusiness Friendliness Index illustrates the different ways government influences the economic climate of agriculture and its allied businesses,” Perry said. “State governments play a particular role in fostering agribusiness opportunities and influencing cost structures with policies that include regulation, taxes and government services.”

“Businesses are acutely aware of the role that state government plays in their success – a business-friendly environment will encourage these enterprises to locate or expand operations while unfriendly polices shrink business and may even cause relocation,” added Pritchett.

The index lists South Dakota, Wyoming, Colorado, New Hampshire and North Dakota as the top five agribusiness-friendly states in the nation.

ADM Opening Office in Chicago

Archer Daniels Midland Company will be opening a new office in the same location where United Airlines used to have space in a Chicago tower facing the Chicago River.

ADM is planning on moving about 100 of their employees to the 46th and 47th floors of a 51-story skyscraper this summer. A spokeswoman for ADM said that the building was picked due to the fact that “it offered the right amount of space in a good location with favorable terms.”

The move was decided last December even though ADM did not receive millions of dollars in tax breaks from the state that they were hoping for. The move will not affect the location of their North American corporate headquarters which is in the central Illinois city of Decatur where ADM employs about 4,400 people.

ADM is a processor of corn, soybeans and other crops, which are the precursors for a large variety of products from ethanol to animal feed.

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